Starbucks Debuts Unicorn Frappuccino

Your daily Starbucks trip is about to get more colorful. While it’s  been rumored for months, the coffee giant is finally set to add the  once-secret Unicorn Frappuccino to the menu. According to reports, the  drink will officially become an option for customers starting today, but  it will only be available through Saturday.

The Unicorn Frappuccino seems to be tailor-made for Spring with its  beautiful pink and blue colors, but what does it actually taste like?  While you may think it is raspberry or blueberry flavored because of the  color, it’s actually made with mango syrup mixed with a sweet pink  powder. That’s then combined with a sour blue powder topping, and topped  with vanilla whipped cream, for the unicorn horn, and a bit more sweet  pink and sour blue topping. What’s more, the company says the drink  changes color and flavor as you swirl it around.

So how does it taste? Well, according to one online reviewer, not  that great.  “The drink is good for any kid who loves sour candy and has  underdeveloped taste buds," the reviewer writes. “The drink is just a  hot mess with a cute appearance.”