Man Breaks Into Home Eats Oreos

A 33-year-old homeless man broke into a Colorado home on Monday, wrote  notes asking for help, helped himself to Oreos and milk, and then woke  up two sleeping children to ask for assistance. The Daily Sentinel reports  that Matthew Keith Dunham was arrested on charges of second-degree  burglary, criminal mischief and theft. 

The homeowner told police that he  learned of the man's presence when one of his children woke him up and  said there was a stranger in the house. He then dragged the man out of  the house and called the cops. Dunham told authorities that the last  thing he remembered was being at a truck stop, receiving $15 after  asking for food and water, and then using the money to buy a bottle of  vodka. He is set to appear in court on April 28.

Source:  AP