No One Claims Gold Inside Donated Piano

Remember when we told you that someone stashed a "life changing" amount of gold inside a piano in England? Well it looks like no one has come forward to claim it. 

Now, the school where the piano currently resides, and the piano tuner who discovered the treasure, are likely to reap the reward. The problem? The couple that donated the piano to the school are likely not going to see a dime. Believe it or not, the original owners don't seem to mad. 

Graham and Meg Hemmings owned the instrument for 33-years before donating it to Bishops Castle Community College last year. For Meg, she's just upset there's no closure. "The sadness is, it's not a complete story," she explains. "They've looked and searched for the people and they unfortunately haven't come forward. It's an incomplete story - but it's still an exciting story."

Source: Associated Press