Man Convicted of Manslaughter Over Wasp Sting

If you're ever in Switzerland, don't try to remove a wasps' nest by yourself. Seriously. As it turns out, a man who was trying to help a friend out by removing a nest has now been convicted of manslaughter!

The unnamed man was in the process of getting rid of the nest when he  agitated the wasps. The insects then stung a neighboring couple. The  woman suffered stings on her head and arm and recovered, but her husband  had an allergic reaction and eventually died from his injuries. 

The court claims the helpful friend should have taken precautions  considering it's widely known how dangerous a wasp's sting could be. The  defendant argued he didn't expect anyone to be outside because it was  cold out at the time plus there were no legal requirements to be  fulfilled before the removal of a wasps' nest. Ultimately, the court  ruled the man was actin recklessly and the death could have been  prevented.

Ready for the REALLY weird part? Sure, a conviction for manslaughter  sounds bad - and it is - but our convict was sentenced to just 90-days  behind bars...and can pay his way out of the jail time if he coughs up  $9-thousand. 

Source: Mirror