What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away and folks really need to start  thinking about what to get mom if they don’t want her disappointed on  the big day. And it seems a lot of folks don’t plan on letting that  happen.

A new RetailMeNot survey finds that 70% of shoppers will buy mom a  gift for Mother’s Day this year, with $58 the average amount most will  spend. Of course getting mom a gift isn’t easy, with 20% of folks saying  it’s hard to find the perfect gift. Well, it turns out there are some  standard Mother’s Day presents that are sure to please.

The same survey finds that the number one requested gift by mom is  flowers, with 48% of moms saying it’s their top gift choice, followed by  dinner, with 43% of moms hoping to be taken out for a fancy dinner at a  nice restaurant. Other top gift choices for mom include a gift card  (41%), jewelry (28%) and beauty products (27%). 

Source: Yahoo Finance