United Airlines Settles with Doctor Dragged Off Plane

United Airlines has reached a settlement with David Dao, the 69-year-old  Kentucky doctor who was injured while being physically dragged off an  overbooked April 9 flight. “[United CEO Oscar] Munoz said he was going  to do the right thing and he has,” said Dao’s attorney, who classified  the settlement—the terms of which are confidential—as “amicable.” 

“In  addition, United has taken full responsibility for what happened on  Flight 3411, without attempting to blame others…For this acceptance of  corporate accountability, United is to be applauded.” 

In conjunction  with the settlement, United announced 10 new policy changes that include  reducing the number of flights it overbooks and offering passengers up  to $10,000 to forfeit a seat. The new guidelines also include limiting  the use of law enforcement to safety and security issues only, and not  requiring customers already seated on a plane to give up their seat  involuntarily.

Source:  New York Post