Woman Calls AAA for AAA Worker Who Locks Keys in Car

A California woman named Christy recently had to call AAA when she  locked herself out of her car as she was unloading groceries. But when  the AAA employee pulled into her driveway and got out to have her sign a  form, his car door slammed shut behind him. "The van was locked and  still running!" Christy tells Buzzfeed News. "At first I laughed a bit,  and then I joked with the guy and told him not to worry because I was a  AAA member so I could call AAA for him, but he didn't think it was very  funny." 

The man then asked Christy if he could borrow her phone to call  AAA. On top of that, he asked if she had their number. "I told him,  'It's right there on the side of your car,'" she says. 

Roughly two hours  later, a second man showed up from AAA and helped both parties back  into their vehicles. Understandably, he found the ridiculous situation  to be extremely amusing.

Source:  BuzzFeed