Body Scrub Has $50,000 Person Waiting List

As is the madness about the Unicorn Frappuccinos at Starbucks wasn’t  enough, now people are going nuts about another new unicorn product. But  this time people are “losing their glittery little minds” over a  shimmer scrub from Frank Body - the company known for their yummy coffee and coconut body scrubs.

The limited-edition shimmer scrub comes out today, but it already has a 50,000 person waiting list. That’s FIFTY THOUSAND  people who are so excited about this new bath product that they can’t  wait to get their hands on it. It’s probably safe to say we’ve hit peak  unicorn!

According to Frank Body, the magic potion scrub is “new, shiny, and  not here for long.” It’s a three-in-one coffee scrub, made with Glow Dust  to make skin shimmer and shine. And they’re quick to assure fans that  the scrub doesn’t contain glitter or anything that could hurt the  environment. Their shimmer comes from Mica, which they claim is the  “closest thing to unicorn dust.”

So how does it keep you sparkling after you scrub the scrub off?  “Tiny gold and silver particles hug the skin after scrubbing to  transform you into a glowing goddess,” their site explains. And we do  like glowy skin, but fifty-thousand is a lot of people who want this  stuff. Maybe it’s their clever slogan, “Throw shimmer, not shade.”

Source: Mamamia