Best Mini Momcations

Moms, have you ever had a friend invite you on a girls’ getaway trip  that you knew you’d never be able to go on? Like when your besties are  taking a five-day vacay and want you to join but you’re breastfeeding  and carpooling and no one can step in to mom for you, so you have to  miss out. It would be so nice to escape for a little while, but it’s  really tough for mamas to leave the family, so here are a few vacations  that are a bit more realistic for us to consider.

A trip to the bathroom alone - With the “Go Girl”  package, you can head into the private, tiled sanctuary alone and be  assured no little people will burst in and ask a question or need  something. You can read, scroll through Facebook, or just enjoy the solitude for as long as you want.

Target with cocktails - As if going to Target alone  isn’t good enough, the “It’s Come to This” package sweetens the deal by  adding alcohol! With it, a Target team member makes you a drink to start  your shopping trip and you can finish with a glass of wine in the  “cafe” and have a snack, too.

Driving solo - You can drive without anyone kicking the back of your seat or forcing you to listen to the “Frozen” soundtrack yet AGAIN  with the “Rolling With No Homies” package. No car seats to buckle or  anyone asking “Are we there yet?” with this car trip you take alone.

Just sitting on the couch doing nothing - The  popular “Sounds Of Silence” package allows you to sit back, relax, and  listen to nothing, while no one grabs at you with sticky, little hands.  It comes with a blanket and a bag of chips that you get to eat all of by  yourself, if you want to. Enjoy the silence, mama.