Square Bowl Could Help You Lose Weight

Forget about counting calories and watching your diet, how you eat  your food may be all you need to worry about in order to lose a few  pounds.

A researcher out of Oxford University suggests that simply eating  your cereal out of a square-shaped bowl could go a long way to dropping  those extra pounds. Of course, we’d take this study with a grain of salt  since it was commissioned by cereal brand Special K, but the study  suggests that folks who eat out of a square bowl instead of a round one  will be tricked into feeling more nourished because it increases the  brain’s perception of nutrition.

But that’s not the only trick that may help you lose weight. The  study also had subjects eat either standing up or sitting down and those  who were standing also felt their food was more nutritious. Not only  that, when folks thought their cereal was nutritious, they also found it  tastier, which made them happier and gave them more energy.

Unfortunately, one breakfast staple could ruin all that. The study  finds that drinking coffee with breakfast could actually make folks feel  that their breakfast doesn’t tastes good. What do they know anyway!?

Source: The New York Post