House Narrowly Passes Obamacare Replacement

By a vote of 217-213, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to repeal  and replace Obamacare by the slimmest of margins on Thursday. In large  part, the GOP-backed American Health Care Act would replace  government-subsidized insurance policies with tax credits and give more  control over Medicaid funds to the states. 

But as The New York Times  notes, “The House measure faces profound uncertainty in the Senate,  where the legislation’s steep spending cuts will almost certainly be  moderated.” As the bill passed, House Democrats--none of whom voted for  the measure (20 Republicans voted against it)--sang the chorus of  "Goodbye" and denounced the bill as "political suicide" for the GOP,  whose members reportedly boarded a "party bus" to the White House after  the vote was taken.

Source: Fortune