#From the 80's

Hands down...worst Halloween costumes everyone.  My mom used to get so made.  She would hand make our costumes and all I wanted was one of these!!!!

Yep...even rocked the Underoos!!!!

This is one thing I really, really wish I would have held on to.  Yes, it might be the worst graphics ever created by today's standards BUT I say Space Invaders is one of the best games ever created and Galaga...LOVE Galaga.  

Yep, we wore zippers on the back of our jeans, tore holes in them intentionally (my Mom still talks about the day she found me cutting holes in a pair of Guess jeans), took the shoelaces out of our Keds, topped off the look with two pairs of slouch socks and sported shoulder pads so large we all look like linebackers!