11 Creative Cocktails for Summer

Just in  time for the warmer months, Eater has compiled a list of 11 tasty-and  unique-cocktails that will help you beat the summer heat. Here they are:

  1. Slurpmosa: Nothing says “summer” like a boozy, icy drink. 
  2. My Morning Jacket: Yes, you can have tequila with breakfast. 
  3. Instant Karma Fizz: This egg white cocktail is fruity, boozy and brunch in a glass.
  4. Thai Iced Tea Cocktail: Thai ice tea plus vodka is equal parts rich and refreshing. 
  5. Drambuie Swizzle: This delicious drink marries vanilla cold brew with scotch whisky for a polished coffee cocktail. 
  6. Cold Brew Mai Tai: Cold brew and rum…yum!
  7. Honey Buzz Milk Punch: The only thing better than drinking cereal milk is getting a buzz from it.
  8. Tomato Beet Bloody Mary Pop: Alcoholic popsicles are the best popsicles.
  9. Greek Yogurt and Blueberry Cocktail: Making a cocktail with yogurt turns your boozy breakfast cocktail into a full-on, healthy meal.
  10. The Texas Special: Bourbon for breakfast because it's (kind of) healthy for you. 
  11. Micheladas for Many: A lighter alternative to the traditional brunch Bloody Mary

Source:  Extra Crispy