Ed Sheeran on Carpool Karaoke

On Wednesday night's installment of The Late Late Show's Carpool  Karaoke, Ed Sheeran revealed that he and Justin Bieber once visited a  dive bar in Tokyo together and then drunkenly headed to a golf course.  Sheeran then went on to try to hit a golf ball out of Bieber's mouth,  but hit him in the face instead. 

The singer-songwriter and host James  Corden also had a contest to see who could fit the most Maltese  chocolates (a popular snack in the U.K.) into their mouths. Sheeran won  after cramming 55 into his mouth and almost puked in the street  following his efforts. 

On the music side of things, the two improvised a  traffic-themed rendition of Sheeran's hit "Castle on the Hill." Sheeran  also covered Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" and One Direction's "What  Makes You Beautiful."

Source: The Late Late Show