Mother Makes Milksicles for Teething Baby

Unfortunately, babies don’t come with a set of instructions. So as parents, we’re all just trying to figure out what works when our little ones are dealing with issues. And sometimes we’re lucky enough to come across a brilliant parenting hack that some other mom or dad discovered and shared, making all of our lives easier. 

And that’s just what happened with Tasia Blackwell, a mom from Columbus, Ohio, posted a genius teething tip she came up with. She shared a short video on Facebook of her son “devouring his milksicle” - which is a popsicle made of breast milk. 

This smart mama came up with the idea to freeze her breast milk into popsicles! Why didn’t we think of this game-changing idea? As Blackwell explains in the video, it both “helps with his teething pain and helps fill up his tummy.” And he sure looks like he loves it. 

We give major props to this mom for coming up with an easy way to tackle two baby issues at once - empty bellies and sore gums. Milksicles for the win! 

Source: Babble