Peacock Causes $500 Worth of Damage to Liquor Store

A mischievous peacock recently strutted into a California liquor store  and destroyed a whopping $500 worth of wine and champagne. "It flew  towards me. I didn’t know they could actually fly high but it flew up  above the counter and it landed here on top of the ice cream freezer,"  Royal Oaks Liquor Store owner Rani Ghanem tells CBS Los Angeles. 

"This was really out of my comfort zone, I was kind of scared I didn’t know what to do." Ghanem  eventually called animal control, who quickly arrived to capture the  large bird. However, the peacock was not having it and began flapping  its wings and dodging the animal control officer's net, causing several  liquor bottles to shatter on the floor. 

Eventually, the officer managed  to sneak up behind the bird and capture it as it rested on a high shelf. The troublemaker will be released at the Los Angeles County Arboretum  and Botanic Garden.

Source:  UPI