Dell to Use Recycled Ocean Waste for Its Laptops

Tech giant Dell has announced  plans to use recycled ocean waste to make packaging for its laptops.  They’re testing a new way to turn litter from Haiti’s beaches into trays  for packaging and so far things have been “relatively successful.”

Plastic covers about 40% of the world’s ocean  surfaces and eight million tons ends up there each year, so Dell is  trying to solve the problem. They’ve even committed to 100% sustainable  packaging by 2020.

Ocean plastic isn’t easy to harvest,  all that exposure to sun and saltwater breaks it down. But Dell is now  using packaging that’s made from 25% ocean plastic for their CPS 13  2-in-1 laptop. And to make sure it doesn’t end up back in the ocean,  it’s stamped with the number 2 recycling symbol, which is picked up by  most curbside recycling programs.

Source: Adapt Network