How to Store Berries so They Last Longer



Fresh berries are expensive and can go bad very quickly. So how do you  keep them fresh for as long as possible? First off, Eater reports that  you should only wash as many berries as you plan on eating. (Water  exacerbates the rate at which mold will grow on fruit.) 

As for the  berries you're not eating, store them in the fridge in a container that  can breathe. You should also place a dry paper towel at the bottom of  the container to soak up any excess moisture. If you've tried this and  still ended up with moldy berries after just a day or two, rinse your  berries in a mixture of one cup white vinegar and four cups of water,  then drain and dry them thoroughly. 

Store them as you would unwashed  berries, on top of a dry paper towel in an open container in the  fridge--the idea is that vinegar kills mold spores on berries, which, in  turn, prevents the fuzzy growth.

Source:  Extra Crispy