Boy Survives Fall Thanks to Stuffed Animal

A 2-year-old Massachusetts boy survived a fall out of a second-story window this week, thanks to his stuffed animal. The Boston Globe reports that Luis Eduardo Gomez was jumping on his bed when he accidentally fell out of a window and droped about 16 feet onto concrete. 

Fortunately, he landed on the large, stuffed cow he was holding at the time and it cushioned his fall. Officials say that Gomez could've easily suffered serious injuries, but managed to get away with just minor abrasions and a laceration on his forehead. Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes noted that the incident was "certainly quite strange," but that children falling from windows is not uncommon

"It happens, certainly...tends to happen more in the summer when people have their windows opened," he says. "I’m just glad that in this case no one was badly hurt.”

Source:  UPI