Lime Skittles Return for Limited Time Only

t was announced on Thursday that Skittles will be bringing back its lime-flavored green skittle for a limited time. “IT’S LIME-AGEDDON AND LIME IS BACK BUT ONLY AT WALMART FOR A LIMITED TIME,” Skittles tweeted. “I’M SO EXCITED I FORGOT HOW TO TURN OFF CAPS LOCK!” 

According to Elite Daily, lime-flavored Skittles are back on the shelves inside the Limited Edition Skittles Long Last Lime packages. The Share Size pack will be available at Walmart for $1.33, while the Lay Down bag will cost you $2.48, and a 41-oz. Stand Up Pouch will cost $6.98. In 2013, Wrigley/Mars Inc. switched the flavor of the green Skittles to Green Apple. 

The change sparked the “Bring Back Lime” movement, which included various petitions and social media posts begging Skittles to bring the flavor back.

Source:  EliteDaily