YouTube Reaches 1.5 Billion Users

YouTube says it now has one-point-five billion users. Company CEO Susan Wojcickis [[woh-JIS-key]] shared the news at the annual VidCon event, adding that users spend more than an hour every day watching video on mobile devices.  

And they’re not about to slow down.“When we compare that [metric] to TV, people — in some countries like the U.S. — watch up to four hours per day,” she offered. “So we think there’s lots of room to get people to watch even more YouTube.”

Along the way, Wojcickis also announced YouTube Red has launched 37 series that have generated nearly a quarter of a billion views. In other news for the platform, YouTube has unveiled VR180. The video-sharing website calls it a new virtual reality technology that will make it easier for video creators to make VR content.

Source: TechCrunch