Top Country Addicted to Technology

There’s no doubt that a lot of people are addicted to technology  these days, but a new study suggests that some people have a lot more  trouble putting down the phone or iPad than others.

A report by global research experts GfK finds that folks in China are  the most likely to say they find it hard to take a break from  technology (43%), followed by Brazil (42%), Argentina (40%) and Mexico  (38%). As for the U.S., only 31% of people say they can’t break from  their tech, placing us in fifth. As for those who aren't nearly as  addicted, folks in Germany find it easiest to unplug (35%), followed by  the Netherlands (30%), Belgium (28%) and Canada and Russia (27%).

Not surprising, age is a big factor when it comes to tech addiction,  with younger generations struggling the most. Overall, teens age 15 to  19 find it most difficult to take a tech break (44%), followed by  twentysomethings (41%), and then those in their thirties (38%). Of  course, older folks don’t have the same problem, with only 15% of those  60 and over and 23% of those in their fifties, finding it hard go tech  free.

Source: Yahoo Finance