Pool Float Looks Like Giant Maxi Pad

If it's always been your life dream to float around your pool on a giant maxi pad...well, now you can.  The Pasadena Pool Float has gone viral for its striking resemblance to a feminine hygiene product.

And everyone has the same question...were there no women on the design team?

Sam's Club and Amazon are just two esteemed retailers currently selling the float.

The pic of the Aquaria Pasadena Pool Float went viral this weekend after one of them was seemingly taken out of its packaging and inflated at a Sam's Club, thus showing off its clear resemblance to a feminine hygiene item. 

"This could have been avoided with one focus group (of women)," author Jillian David tweeted alongside a pic of the float on Monday after it first appeared on Reddit over the weekend. Hey, wonder what their pool noodles could possibly look like?

Source:  Mashable