Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead's Dog Back Home

A dog belonging to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead was  returned home safely Tuesday after allegedly being stolen and held for  ransom. 

ESPN reports that someone broke into Whitehead's home and stole  his 16-week-old pit bull puppy Blitz and some shoes while he was in  Florida, and then called him from a burner phone asking him to "cut a  check" for $10,000. “They said, ‘How much does the dog mean to you?’”  

Whitehead said the dog’s captors told him. Whitehead refused to pony up,  but later got the dog back, as evidenced by a video exchanged posted by  the Dallas rapper Boogotti Kasino, who wrote, "Dog home safe to his  owner @ninjafast22 we got everythang understood I didn't steal nobody  dog facts I took a lost n still gave him his dog." 

Either way, Whitehead  was ecstatic, and posted a video of Blitz to Snapchat, saying,  "Look  who made it home safely!!! THANKS EVERYONE."