Things That Could Be Prematurely Aging You

We know the biggies when it comes to aging gracefully, so we wear  sunscreen and don’t smoke. But here are some other things that might  make you look older before your time.

  • Hitting happy hour - We love having a few drinks  after work as much as anyone, but alcohol is a diuretic and long-term  dehydration can affect skin’s elasticity, leading to those dreaded  wrinkles.
  • Your daily commute - It’s not the stress, but the traffic-related pollution that can cause you to get more age spots, according to one study.
  • Your job stress - One study found that stress steroids released in the brain can speed up the onset of Alzheimer’s and according to another study,  job-related stress can actually cause harmful changes in our DNA that  are linked to several degenerative diseases. So maybe it’s time to  finally start doing yoga and meditating?
  • Your posture - Not only can slouching cause neck and back pain, poor posture can actually lead to a weakened spine and increased spinal curvature later in life. Need more proof? According to one study,  adults who have better posture showed increased cognitive function but  those with bad posture had a harder time recalling memories. So stand up  straight and drop those shoulders.
  • Your lack of sleep - You already know how important getting enough quality sleep is to your health, but a study  also found that self-described “poor sleepers” showed more skin-aging  effects like fine lines and slacking skin. So skip the binge watching!
  • Your devices - Not only is your smartphone keeping you from making your bedtime, your eyesight is affected too. A study  found that long-term blue light exposure from screens is linked to  age-related macular degeneration. So turn off the phone and go to bed!

Source: PureWow