Pawn Stars Selling Infamous OJ Bronco

The infamous Ford Bronco O.J. Simpson used in his 1994 low-speed police chase will be up for sale on tonight's episode of "Pawn Stars."Former O.J. agent Mike Gilbert owns the SUV and was filmed making an effort to unload it on the History Channel show. 

Gilbert said he was once offered a half-million dollars for the Bronco and wants to give any money he makes to his children. He bought it from Al Cowlings, Simpson's friend who was behind the wheel during the chase. The cops were after Simpson to turn himself in to face charges of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.While 

“Pawn Stars” shop owner Rick Harrison says they try to stay away from “infamous” stuff, this was different. "The O.J. Bronco is really a bizarre part of history. My 14-year-old son doesn't know anything about the '90s … but he knows about the Bronco."Simpson was acquitted but is currently behind bars for robbery and kidnapping. He's set for release on parole October 1st. 

Source: USA Today