Male Stripper Stabs Suspected Cannibal Boyfriend in Eye

What the Hell

What the Hell

This one is a doozy. Justin Calhoun is a 24-year-old male stripper living in Florida (of course, Florida) and dating 67-year-old Mark Brann. For some reason, Calhoun began suspecting his boo was a cannibal. Understandably, they got into an argument over it. 

Then things got weirder. During their fight, Brann allegedly took out  a gun, but Calhoun managed to get it away from him. Then the stripper  tried to shoot Brann, but the gun jammed. Naturally his next idea was to  take a pen and stab Brann's eyes and stick a piece of wood into his  mouth. 

Calhoun tried to run when police surrounded the building, but he was  arrested a short time later. Brann was taken to the hospital in serious  condition while Calhoun is now facing an attempted second-degree murder  charge. 

Source: Tampa Bay Times