Dog Digs Up $85,000 Worth of Heroin in Owner's Yard

Digging, a favorite pastime of dogs, ruins the aesthetic of gardens, yet  sometimes leads to surprising discoveries.  To wit, earlier this month,  an 18-month-old Golden Retriever named Kenyon in Oregon uncovered  $85,000 worth of black tar heroin in his owners' backyard, KATU  reports. 

The pup worked doggedly at unearthing the package, which his  owners initially assumed was a time capsule. Excited, they filmed  themselves opening the buried treasure, only to discover that it  contained 15 ounces of drugs. 

The couple reported their findings to the  Yamhill County Sheriff's Office, and Kenyon was named an honorary  narcotics K9 by Sheriff Tim Svenson. 

Source:  KATU