Why You Need B-12

Vitamin B12 helps with everything from your energy level to your mood  and it’s good for your heart and digestion, too. But since our bodies  don’t make it on their own, we have to get it from our diet or  supplements, and that’s why a lot of people are actually deficient in this vitamin. Here are some of the benefits to taking B12.

  • It elevates your energy - According to the University of Maryland Medical CenterB  vitamins help the body turn carbohydrates into glucose, so they help  your body create energy. If you’re not getting enough B12, you could  feel really tired.
  • It boosts your mood - A study on depression found a link between low vitamin B12 and depressive patients.
  • It keeps your heart strong - Vitamin B12 helps keep an amino acid called homocysteine at a lower, less harmful level, which helps keep your heart healthy.
  • It’s good for healthy skin and hair - This vitamin is good for balanced cell reproduction, which helps keep skin, hair, and nails healthy.
  • It regulates digestion - B12 has been linked with a  healthy metabolism and digestion because it helps with the production  of healthy gut bacteria while getting rid of harmful bacteria in the  digestive tract.

Source: My Domaine