Woman Gets Divorce Approval Over Toilet

Getting a divorce in India is no easy feat. In most cases, they're  granted only if domestic violence or proven cruelty is happening within  the marriage. For one woman in Rajasthan, she's single because her now  ex-husband refused to build a toilet inside their home and she had had enough.

You see, in their area, men justify a lack of loo by saying that  women often just go outside. And often, women are forced to wait until  dark to travel to the open field, which puts them in danger and  "outrages the modesty of a woman." A judge agreed and even added that  the unidentified woman's plight was a "form of torture." 

It seems this case is another in a string of  divorces caused by old tradition and beliefs clashing with modern  society. In Saudi Arabia, a husband divorced his wife because she forgot  to put the head of the sheep on the main dish when he hosted his  friends for dinner, which embarrassed him. In another case, a man ended  his marriage because his wife kept walking ahead of him despite his  repeated warnings to keep a step behind him. Maybe the most trivial? A  man divorced his wife because she spoke with a "tone" that did not  please her husband. Sayonara! 

Source: BBC