Americans Won't Clean for Dates

While some Americans always love a clean house, behind closed doors  we know there are a lot of people who just can’t be bothered to keep a  tidy home. Unless people are coming to visit, there are some folks who  never clean, and according to a new study, even if people are coming by  that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily pick up a broom.

A new survey finds that most Americans spend an average of three  hours and twenty minutes a week cleaning without help. Now, potential  houseguests will get some people to clean more, but not that many. In  fact, only 34% of people say they’ll clean more if friends are coming  for a visit, while 24% will clean for parents, and surprisingly, only 9%  will tidy up before a date arrives. 

Overall, 71% of folks say they do all the cleaning themselves, with  24% sharing the duties with someone else and 4% delegating the cleaning  to others. Women on the whole spend more time cleaning then men, with  gals spending about three hours and 57 minutes cleaning per week, as  opposed to two hours and 41 minutes for men. And it seems men are more  willing to hire someone to do their cleaning for them, with 24% of males  admitting they pay someone to clean for them, as opposed to 8% of  females. 

  • ONE MORE THING! The survey finds that Ellen DeGeneres is the person most Americans would trust to clean their homes (24%), followed by chef Gordon Ramsey  (21%), with both choices more popular among females. As for men, they  have younger preferences when it comes to celebrity cleaners, with 44%  saying they trust either Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift. The one person few people trust – Kanye West, a choice of only 2% of people. 

Source: Yahoo Finance