Tinder Date Steals Dog

Think you've had a bad Tinder date? Well an 18-year-old in Leonia,  New Jersey found out the hard way it's better to go meet in a public  place. If not, a dog could get stolen. That's right, a dog.

The unidentified teenager had her Tinder date come over the house she  was dog-sitting at. The would be boo brought a friend with him and  after they both left, the 18-year-old discovered Maggie, the  two-year-old Maltese she was supposed to be watching, was gone. What's  more, a laptop and an Amazon package had also been taken. 

Police in Leonia are searching for a  little white dog stolen during a Tinder-arranged date with the pooch's  pet sitter.  Officials say the man came with another man Sunday and  distracted the woman and made off with a white female Maltese named  Maggie, a laptop and a package from Amazon.  Police are asking anyone  who may have seen the dog to contact detectives.   Leonia police have tracked down the Tinder date.

Source: New York Post