Cheap Airline Ticket Better Than Sex?

While most people love going on vacation, few love to pay a lot of money for their getaway. In fact, for some people, finding a deal for a cheap flight is one of the best feelings out there. No really.A new survey by Priceline finds 40% of U.S. adults think finding a cheap airline ticket is “better than sex.” 

But that’s not all, 59% admit that nabbing a deal is better than a great first date, while 61% prefer it to hanging out with friends, and 70% like it better than wine or beer.And it seems like a lot of folks have perfected the art of the airline deal. 

Another survey finds that 70% of folks say they are a “master” at finding the best airline deal, while 90% are confident that they found the best deal possible for their travel last year.

Source: New York Post