Teen Making Thousands Selling Slime

If you’ve spent any time around tweens and teens recently, you probably noticed that they’re really into slime. They like making it and playing with the goo and one teen from Virginia is capitalizing on the craze and making thousands.Kaitlinh Nguyen calls herself a “slimer” and she’s so into it, she makes slime to sell on Etsy and her own site. This isn’t some small-time project either. 

The 13-year-old has made over $5,000 selling batches of homemade slime and that’s a lot of slime since each one goes for between $6 and $12.Videos of her slime show the varieties of colors and textures she’s created, from glittery “galaxy swirl” to one that looks like soft serve ice cream, complete with sprinkles. 

And people are really into it - some of Kaitlinh’s vids have tens of MILLIONS of views. And she’s got an Instagram following of 530,000!As for how she’s going to spend her slime earnings, that’s still being worked out. “The money from Etsy my parents want me to save for college,” Katilinh says, “but I kind of just want to spend it on a stand mixer to mix my slime so it’s a lot faster.” So she’s smart, enterprising, and efficient, too!

Source: New York Post