Fur Repelling Leggings

Leggings are pretty much the most comfortable thing you can wear. And  no matter how many pairs you own, you probably have a few favorites  that you wear over and over. The only issue for us pet-loving ladies is  that black leggings and light pet hair don’t mix well.

No matter what you do, if you’re a pet owner, you’re going to end up  with some dog or cat fur on your clothes. But a brand called Endeavor  Athletic wants us to have fur-free leggings and they’ve made a pair that  practically repels it! Their Eclipse style is high-waisted and wicks moisture, and the fact that they help repel pet hair is just a bonus!

The fabric Endeavor uses is called Evotek and it’s got a sleek finish  that lets pet hair “glide off” when you wipe it with your hand. So no  more picking pet hair off your pants all day after a little love down  with your four-legged baby. The only downside to this wonder-fabric is  that these leggings are pricey - $98. But can you really put a price on  fur-repelling leggings?

Source: Women's Health