Harvey Death Toll Increases to 30

Local officials have reported at least 30 confirmed deaths as Hurricane  Harvey continues to pummel southeast Texas. It's too difficult to tell,  however, how many people are still missing. Meanwhile, there have been  reports of people impersonating law enforcement officers in communities  such as Kingwood, falsely telling residents they need to evacuate. In  the wake of these reports, as well as those of armed robberies and  looting, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner has imposed a citywide curfew  from midnight to 5 a.m. until further notice. President Donald Trump  said after arriving in Corpus Christie on Tuesday that he was pleased  with relief efforts so far, but that it was too soon to take a victory  lap. "We won't say congratulations. We won't do that," he declared.  "We'll congratulate each other when it's all finished." 

Source:  New York Times