Holiday Inn Refuses Family Dogs During Harvey Evacuation

After a mandatory evacuation was issued in their hometown due to rising  floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey, Philip and Gillian hit the road with  their family--which included their 16-year-old daughter Allison Parker,  her 81-year-old grandmother and their three dogs. The only open hotel  they could find that night was the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in  Katy, Texas. 

Unfortunately, they were told there that their three rescue  dogs--Arrow (a shepherd lab mix), Wiggum (a chocolate lab-hound mix)  and Buttercup (a yellow lab)--would not be allowed into the hotel to  stay with them. With all hotels booked and nowhere else to go, the  Parkers had no choice but to stay. 

Since Sunday, the family members have  taken turns staying in the hotel parking lot with their dogs in the Parkers' Prius. Holiday Inn General Manager Jim Hernandez says the hotel  has "not wavered" their policy because it is simply not a pet-friendly  establishment. He says the family can take their dogs to a nearby  kennel. However, the Parkers say the kennel he is referring to is  currently closed. 

Source:  People