Tall Men More Likely to Cheat?

Getting into a relationship with someone is risky. No matter how  great a guy may seem, there’s always a chance that he could be a  cheater. Well, according to a new report, if you’re concerned about a  straying fella, you may want to steer clear of tall men.

A study by the online cheaters site Ashley Madison reports that most  of the men who admit to having a side piece behind their partner’s back  are over five-foot-10 inches tall. In fact, those guys are twice as  likely to cheat than a shorter man.

As for why, there’s no solid answer, although speculation is it could  be because shorter guys have what some call “small man syndrome,” which  means they lack the confidence with women that taller guys have.

  • The site also suggests that smarter people are more likely to cheat,  since three percent of their members have PhDs, while only 0.7% of the  entire population have them. 
  • But that’s not the only indication of a cheater. A new  study published by "Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences"  suggests that those facing landmark birthdays are more likely to be  unfaithful, so if your potential mate has a birthday ending in a nine  you may want to be a little suspicious.

Source: New York Post