Workplace Bathrooms Reflect How Company Values Employees

While most people take a job based on the salary, opportunity or even  the perks, it seems there’s another thing that’s very important to a  lot of employees - the bathrooms. That’s right, according to a new  survey, the condition of a workplace bathroom is a big deal, with 89% of  Americans saying it’s a good indicator of how a company values its  employees.  This is all according to the Healthy Hand Washing Survey by Bradley Corporation.

Overall, 67% of employees say their office restrooms are excellent or  very good, with biggest complaints of nearly half those surveyed being  unpleasant smells, clogged or unflushed toilets and empty or jammed  toilet paper dispensers. Along those lines, the improvements most people  would like to see made include more touchless features, like automatic  toilets, motion activated faucets and air fresheners, while full-length  mirrors, shelves for belongings and electric hand dryers are also common  requests. 

  • ONE MORE THING! But even if they have nice  bathrooms, it sounds like folks aren’t exactly being super hygienic in  the workplace. The report finds that 61% of workers say they’ve seen a  co-worker leave a restroom without washing their hands, which is up from  42% in 2016.

Source: Yahoo Finance