2 Muggers Kill Each Other Trying to Rob Same Bus

Two muggers who were trying to rob the same Mexico City bus at the same  time this week wound up shooting each other to death when they  encountered one another in the aisle of the vehicle. BuzzFeed reports  that in the back of the bus, two teenagers armed with a knife and a gun  began snatching passengers' wallets and cell phones as they made their  way up the aisle toward the front of the bus. 

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to  them, an armed 34-year-old man who had been seated in the first row of  the bus began robbing his way toward the back of the bus. When all three  met in the middle, the two robbers with guns fired on one another. Said  local prosecutor Eduardo Carreno Alvarado at a Wednesday press  conference, "They must've thought the other was a cop."

Source:  BuzzFeed