Bakers Trapped by Harvey Make Bread for Hungry Victims

A group of bakers at El Bolillo Bakery in Houston decided to make the  most out of a bad situation this week when they couldn't get leave work  due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey. People reports that 45-year-old Jorge Abundiz and his colleages used their heir time indoors to bake as  many sheets of pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) as possible for hungry  victims. “I was happy that my family and my home were all right--I’m one  of the fortunate few,” Abundiz says. “I didn’t sleep and did nothing  but bake for two of those days, but that’s OK. I’m happy to be a part of  the effort to aid those in need. We all are.” More than 4,200 pounds of  flour and four days later, Abundiz and his team are continuing to give away thousands of loaves and pastries from El Bolillo’s three locations. 

Source:  People