Gas Prices Rising Thanks to Hurricane Harvey

The affects of Harvey are now being felt in every corner of the country.

Gas prices are up across the nation in the wake of Tropical Storm  Harvey. The massive Colonial Pipeline, which stretches from Texas to the  Northeast has shutdown, refineries (including the country’s largest)  have shuttered or backed off production and some gas stations in the  South have run out of gas.

Tamra Johnson with AAA says the  storm is having a significant impact on refineries, ports and  transportation resulting in increased costs at the pump. She says  drivers across the country will likely see a ten-to 15-cent per-gallon  increase, with prices higher around the Gulf Coast. Prices are already  up an average of ten-cents a gallon, but Johnson believes prices should  stabilize before October.

The U.S. Energy Department has tapped into reserves, but don’t look  for a change in prices anytime soon. As far as price gouging, that will  not be tolerated. Energy Secretary Rick Perry says  "Anybody that is considering raising prices above what would be  considered to be appropriate needs to watch out. My hope is that every  AG across the country will go after those people and go after them in a  very hard way and harsh way."Source: NBC Dallas