Recycle Your Baby's Onesies into Stuffed Animals

When your baby is little, onesies - one-piece outfits - are easy to  get on and off for diaper changes, so your kid wears them a lot. And  because babies grow so incredibly fast, they don’t get to wear them long  before they’ve moved on to the next size.

So as sentimental mamas, we get attached to certain outfits our  infants wear. Sometimes because they’re just really cute, or because we  remember how darling our baby looked in it, or because it came from  someone special. And aside from storing the baby clothes in a box with  other keepsakes, there’s not much else you can do with the outfits once  they’re too small.

But there’s an Etsy shop that has a solution. Imagination Acres  makes adorable, handmade stuffed animals out of your little one’s old  clothes. They can do elephants, bears, and bunnies and they are really  cute. Plus, this makes a much better momento than holding onto an old  pair of jammies or a onesie your baby wore. This you could let your kid  have to snuggle with, or set on a shelf and hold onto the memory of when  they were that tiny.