Coca Cola Give OK to Steal Water

When the Coca Cola Company  informed the fire department in Beaumont, Texas that their warehouse in  that city had thousands of bottles of water inside, it was great news  since their city’s water treatment plant had been offline for two days.  The only problem? Getting through the flooded streets and breaking into  the building.

But that’s where Bill Zang was  able to help. He’s the president of the Hovercraft Unlimited company  and he came down from his home in Rockport, Illinois to help rescue  hurricane victims with two hovercraft. So he and his friend Sam Byers made their way over to the Coke warehouse and with the company’s permission, broke in and took 14 cases of bottled water.

It wasn’t stealing so much, since  they were told it was okay, but they still had to use a hand saw and a  hammer to break into the building. And it was all for a good cause, the  water was distributed by National Guard troops to evacuees. But it sure  does make a good story about that time they broke into the Coca Cola  warehouse.

Source: USA Today