Most Folks Still Have Childhood Teddy Bear

Growing up most people probably had a teddy bear that they loved, and  it seems a lot of folks haven’t given up that love, even in adulthood.

Saturday is National Teddy Bear Day and in honor of the event,  Build-A-Bear Workshop asked 2,000 adults about their favorite furry  friends, and it seems many still have their childhood teddy bears. In  fact, 56% of those polled have held onto their childhood bear for over  two decades, while 72% plan to keep theirs forever.

And apparently for some adults, stuffed animals are so great they  don’t have to be old for them to love them. The survey finds that more  than half of those polled still own a stuffed animal, while 40% still  sleep with one. What’s more, folks in the South are the most likely to  have a stuffed animal (75%), followed by those in the Midwest (72%) and  Northeast (70%).

As for why people love their teddy bears, the answer is pretty  simple. Overall, 30% say they have a feeling of comfort when thinking  about their childhood stuffed animal, while 22% have a memory of the  first person who gave it to them. 

Source: The Street