25 Game of Thrones Costumes for Halloween

While Game of Thrones fans have a long time to wait before the show’s final season, Elite Daily has compiled a list of 25 epic Thrones-themed costumes that you can make at home for Halloween. Here are 10 of them [see full list at the link]:

  • Bran Stark. What you need: A black robe, a faux fur rug and a wheelchair. 
  • Samwell Tarly. What you need: A brown robe, a sashcord tie, and a few chamberpots or books to carry. 
  • Olenna Tyrell. What you need: This is all about the hat. Everything else is just wrapping yourself in silky robes and chiffon headdresses. 
  • Littlefinger. What you need: A black cloak and a cut throat.
  • Cersei Lannister. What you need: A long black dress, a ’60s blonde moptop wig, and a hand on your belly. Tiara not optional.
  • Jon Snow. What you need: A large cloak with fur trim, a replica of his sword Longclaw replica and an epic manbun.
  • Missandei. What you need: A long black dress, and natural curly hair.
  • Daenerys Targaryen. What you need: A high level wig that braids, a black dress, a red sash, and a few dragon props.
  • Arya Stak. What you need: A long leather tunic, brown pants and that all important lace up shoulder cloak with the diagonal curved fur hem. 
  • Melisandre. What you need: A long red wig and a red robe. 

Source:  Elite Daily