Japanese Funeral to Offer Drive-thru Option

For some people in Japan, they won't have to get out of their car to  pay respects to the dearly departed. A funeral home operator in Nagano  is planning on installing a drive-thru window. 

Mourners will pull up to a window where they can sign their name on a  touch screen and hand over customary condolence money. They will also  have the option to use an "electronic incense-burning device." The  drive-thru isn't meant for the lazy, though. The funeral home director  explains the service is primarily aimed at people who may lack or have  limited mobility due to old age or a physical disability. 

“I’ve been in this business for a while and have seen how burdensome attending funerals can be for old folks in wheelchairs,” Masao Ogiwara says. “The new service will allow those who would otherwise stay home go out and bid farewell to friends and family.”

  • ONE MORE THING! The drive-thru funeral home isn't a  new idea. Mourners in Michigan, California, Arkansas, Chicago and  Memphis all have similar options. 

Source: New York Post