Ed Sheeran's House Filled with Toys

Ed Sheeran may be 26 but he’s apparently a kid  at heart. The singer revealed on “The Graham Norton Show” that his home  is filled with a lot of toys. “I have a load of childish stuff in my  house,” he says. “There’s a room full of teddy bears.”

Ed, who describes himself as a “big kid,” is a particular fan of  Lego, and admits he recently purchased a special Lego Death Star model  to celebrate the success of his recent album “Divide.”

“Any good parent will know, if a kid wants a Lego set you buy them  the small one, you don’t buy them the big one that’s like £359 ($473),”  he offers. “When my album went to number one, I was passing the Lego  store and saw the big Death Star, and I thought – ‘Do you know what?  It’s time.'”

He also admits that he can’t help but treat himself to toys even when  buying things for other people. He said he recently went to by his  goddaughter a Ninja Turtle toy for her birthday and while shopping he  saw a big Ninja Turtle truck and decided, “I’m getting that for me." Check out Ed's "Graham Norton" to the right.

Source: NME