Man Buries Then Digs Up Alcohol Once at Music Festival

  • A man attending a musical festival in New York City visited the location a week ahead of time and buried a bottle of vodka 
  • He marked down the location and after getting through the gates the day of the show, he dug up the booze
  • He said the hardest part was avoiding security while uncovering their treasure 

Anyone whose been to a musical festival knows buying a drink inside will cost you an arm and a leg. A New Yorker named Alex  wasn't having that. Instead of trying to smuggle in booze, he planned  ahead and buried a water bottle filled with vodka at the site of  Electric Zoo. 

"I've been going to Electric Zoo for over four years now so I know  the layout very well," Alex explains. "The planning of the burial was  simple. We used Google maps and marked our spot on GPS so we knew where  it would be. Then we waited."

The hardest part of the plan? Avoiding security once they were at the  festival and digging up their treasure. "Once we got to the GPS spot,  we all huddled around it. I did a double take to make sure we were in  the clear and then one of us dug up the vodka," Alex explains. "All in  all, it took us about 10 minutes." And now, his legend will live on in  infamy! There's been no comment from "Electric Zoo" organizers.

Source: LAD Bible