36 Movie Inspired Halloween Costumes

BuzzFeed  asked its readers to dish on the best movie-themed Halloween costumes  they've pulled off. Here are 12 brilliant ideas (check out the full list  at the link):

  1. Five different stages of Forrest Gump 
  2. Jigsaw from Saw 
  3. Effie from Hunger Games 
  4. The leg lamp from A Christmas Story 
  5. Beetlejuice and Lydia 
  6. Sadness from Inside Out 
  7. Regina George from Mean Girls 
  8. Vincent and Mia from Pulp Fiction 
  9. Ash and a deadite from Evil Dead 
  10. The Dude from The Big Lebowski 
  11. Miss Trunchbull from Matilda 
  12. Megan with her nine puppies from Bridesmaids

Source:  BuzzFeed